Shop Policy

Hello and welcome to my shop policy page where you will find important information about my store and what policy’s are in place. Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here or on any other social media platforms.

Needing an item in a hurry

Since all of my items are handmade, I do not accept rush orders at this time and cannot guarantee delivery dates. All orders are made in the order in which they are placed.


Ready to ship items take at least 1-3 business days to ship out. US only orders.


Will take at least 2-4 business weeks to ship out. I do not ship on weekends or postal holidays which could result in a slightly longer week on average. Please be advised of this before ordering! I do not accept rush orders.

All shipping dates are estimates as well as I’m only human and need to account for sick days, mental health days, and emergencies.

I ship everything via USPS.

I will send a confirmation email along with a tracking number once I have shipped your item. If you do not hear from me, it just means your order has not been shipped! Depending on the amount of pending custom orders I will do my best to offer updates on individual orders as I usually make multiple pieces at once.

Returns Policy

I do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges.
All products are handmade; sometimes there may be imperfections but I do my best to check for any damages before I ship, please consider this before you purchase anything.

If you have a problem with your order, please contact me ASAP so we can figure out a solution!

I will offer to remake most beanies, sock slippers, and tops if there are any serious sizing issues. If you order the incorrect size, I will happily remake your item for you but you must ship the item back to me

Buyer’s remorse or dissatisfaction with the color are not grounds for a remade of item.

Because I have proof of shipment, I will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen mail. Please be aware of this before purchasing.


I normally respond to my messages instantly but sometimes it will take a few hours before I can respond. Dms on Facebook and instagram will get you a faster response than emails – it’s just easier for me.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any concerns or issues with orders or anything.


Items are not made or shipped out until all payment has been received. I am currently accepting payment through Paypal, Zelle, & Etsy. Phoenix Locals I accept cash as well, pickup is available.


Happy Shopping

Dreamcatcher Beanie

Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing good and enjoying this cooler weather. It is crazy to think that its about the end of the year and the holiday season is upon us.

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? If not well I have something in store for you.

Listed in my shop I have this amazing beanie called the dreamcatcher.

This colorful chunky dreamcatcher beanie will make you look stylish and keep you warm during the cold weather! This color combination makes this beanie the perfect option to go with any outfit!

This hat is sized for adult females but will fit a teen as well. They make wonderful gifts, especially around the holidays.

SIZE: Adult 21-22 Inches

Materials: 80% acrylic; 20% wool; faux fur Pom (Non-Detachable)

Care instructions: Hand wash; Lay flat to dry. Be careful not to submerge the pom-pom.

Want to snag this lovely beanie for $15 + Free Shipping!? US Only.

Purchase through OR you can pay through PayPal if you prefer, but please DM on Instagram OR on Facebook to arrange PayPal payment.

If you do have any questions on this item or any other items, please reach out to me and I will do my best to assist you.

Peep out my other items listed in my shop, they all make for perfect gifts.

Happy Shopping.

Shop Is Open

Hello everyone and thank you all for stopping by and checking out my latest blog post.

I am so excited to let you all know that my Etsy shop is now open! It’s certainly been about a year since I had my shop open, but I’m so happy to finally be back and have my shop open!

With this shop update I have listed a batch of Halloween earrings, beanies, Slipper socks, and a few other unique items in my shop. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. My Etsy Shop

Available in Orange, Purple, & Hot Pink

Keep in mind even tho I am not taking on customs at the moment but definitely reach out to me if you see an item in my store and wish for a different color or size.

Vibin’ Beanie

I will have more information and details regarding items, shipping, locals, picking up, Customs, basically all the 411 on my business will be posted later this week. I’m so thrilled and excited for what’s in store!

At this time I am only taking on US orders. International orders may open up in the near future more details to follow at a later date.

Be sure to check out my shop and browse around, the holiday season is upon us and a lot of my items would make for perfect gifts 🎁 Holiday shopping

Available in Orange and Black bows

As always I’m always open to feedback, suggestions, ideas or even a compliment ☺️ I do take everything into consideration and work hard to bring my creations to life. So feel free to reach out to me.

Again thank you all for stopping by and checking out my latest blog post.


Hello Everyone,

How is everyone doing!? It has certainly been awhile since I last posted and i’m truly sorry for going MIA on you all, but I do have an update to share with you all since its been about a year since I’ve been on here! Time truly does fly on by. But i am happy to be back and to be able to update you all.

Since this time last year I ended up closing my Etsy store due to my mom getting very ill, our pit bull Bailey passing away, losing my memory and then our eldest cat Boo Boo passed away a month after Bailey went. At the time things were getting a little crazy and defiantly needed time away to spend as much time i could with my mom before she passed away.

I really thought that 2019 was terrible but with 2020 approaching that things would start to lighten up. At least i was trying to stay optimistic even tho i knew 2020 was not going to be all that great. But i couldn’t dwell on that as it was the holiday season and i wanted to spoil my mom as much as possible as it looked like it was going to be her last holiday season.

As the holidays ended and the start of the New Year was upon us, I knew that what i didn’t want to happen.. actually happened. On February 11th 2020 at 1:00 pm my mom passed away peacefully in her sleep. I was completely devastated and a hot ass mess that even tho i was already on leave i had to take another leave to mourn my mom and grief. By the time i came back to work i was a week or two in before the state went into state of emergency due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and eventually laid off two weeks later.

At this point i completely lost it and went MIA, i needed time to grief and reflect on everything that had happened so far. It took me months up until around my birthday to finally throw in the towel and make some changes because i was miserable and was not at all happy. I decided i needed to focus on myself more and take care of my well being. My mom once told me when she passes away she wants me to move forward, be happy and live my life. So its my mission to do just that.

Since June i have been making changes to my life and i couldn’t be happier. I started a workout regimen that’s mixed with cardio, yoga, muscle building and of course pole fitness. I have been pushing myself hard daily that i have accomplished losing some weight (11 pounds & counting) all from changing my diet, drinking more water and being mindful of what i eat. Not only that but i saved up enough money to buy my first car which is a Subaru impreza, improved my sewing skills, taking care of some legal issues, cut off my long hair and going to be opening my Etsy shop on 9/30.

I can say this much just reflecting on this time last year and the beginning of this year its amazing how much can change as well as leaps and bounds one can over come. It has certainly not been easy going through all of this and the fact i have been diagnosed with PTSD has been rough. But i have a wonderful support system that helps me through those tough times. With everything that has happened i’m happy to be pushing forward and not allowing myself to be miserable and unhappy.

I’ve been working hard on myself for months and i’m going to continue to do so, and i hope along the way i can inspire and motivate those to keep pushing through no matter what the situation is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We can over come obstacles in our lives its a matter of putting in the work and over coming it.

Wanted to be able to share a bit of whats been going on since I’ve been MIA. I am planning on opening my shop up on 9/30 so save the date and keep your eyes peeled. I have some fun new items ill be dropping in my shop for the holidays, ill even be taking on customs for certain items as far as color and sizing goes more details to follow.

Hope you all are as excited as i am for my shop to open up. Looking forward to sharing all my crochet items with you all!

One last thing… Thank you all for supporting me and being loyal to not only me but my business as well, it truly means the world to me.


Fourth of July

Is coming and are you prepared for all the festivities!!

Not to worry I have you covered!

I bring the latest crochet item to be added in my Etsy shop.. Barefoot Sandals!

I have made some amazing 4th of July themed barefoot sandals now it’s not just for Independence Day but can also be worn anytime you like 🙂 weddings , gatherings, parks , beach and lots more! Whatever makes you happy!

Now keep in mind I have added these items to my shop as a **LIMITED TIME ONLY**

Since it’s more seasonal.. but keep in mind I can make these even without it being seasonal 🙂

I will be adding more non seasonal barefoot sandals to my shop later this week.

Deadline to order these 4th of July barefoot sandals is June 29th 2019.

I will also be taking custom orders for these as well (weddings , birthdays etc..)

Please reach out to me prior to ordering to make sure we are all on the same page and get started on your order 🙂

The newly added items in my shop have already been made and ready to ship!

Have a peep at my shop and see what you can find.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog!

If you have any questions please do reach out to me.

Have a wonderful day!

Etsy Shop Click here

Look a Sale..

In my Etsy store!!

Yes you read that right I currently have a sale at this time!

No need for coupons or a special code to get the sale..

I’ve already dropped the prices on ALL items in my shop! And I’m still offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL items!!

If you haven’t stopped by or been by the shop in awhile I suggest having a look..

Summer is literally right around the corner! Have you gotten a top today?

Also on a side note! Been planning for a giveaway for Instagram.. would love to get more feedback and on some items I would like to offer! Please feel free to reach out to me on here if you like 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my post!


Hello everyone!

Happy Hump Day!

Wanted to again thank you all for the support!

I went ahead and set myself up with a Ko-Fi acct..

What’s Ko-Fo..? You may ask.. It’s a cool new place where supporters like you ,can donate.. just because you adore my work..Seriously.. as cheap as a cup o coffee literally.. u are basically buying me a cup of coffee !! ☕️

Something to look into! Creator and or supporter!

I stumbled across this and thought this was neat little idea.

Support each other in a business where handmade items are special items. Made with lots of love.. time.. and more time 😋

Have yourself a look and hopefully you can buy me a cup of coffee:) I have provided the link below 🙏🏼

Have a wonderful rest of your day/night

Ko-Fi Page Click Here

Free Shipping

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday to all of you!

I wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and push me to opening my shop up to everyone who has been interested in my work and looking to purchase a unique item.

Thank you all so very much!

A little bit of my shop update, i went ahead and marked ALL of my items to FREE shipping!! Now who loves free shipping? I know i do! I also went ahead and marked down all of my items as well.. i suppose you can say its a sale .. just without the sale ending 🙂


I will be adding more to the shop very soon! Been working on a few different items that i cant wait for you all to see! Now if you follow me on Instagram or dont yet.. click the link and start following me 🙂 You will see a new item that is still in the works, but i plan to have it posted in my shop very soon! A little sneak peek 🙂

Before i end my little shop update i would like to ask you all what would you like to see updated in my shop.?


As far as items made or would like to see made, tutorials.. patterns.. etc.. anything is possible and would love each and everyones feed back on this.

Please reach out to me via Email ( , instagram, twitter , Blog, etsypinterest 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!