Excited to Finally…

Be able to get my little shop up and going! Tho I’m still in the midst of setting up all of my social media separate from my personal accounts of course.. all while trying to get some crochet work done! Very exhausting yet exciting at the same time! I have been talking about setting up my shop for sometime now.. and looks like it’s about that time.


A lot of credit goes out to those who have supported me and stuck by my side for all these years and encouraged me to keep pushing myself until I am where I want to be at in my life. Life has truly been a struggle for me the last four years and even tho I’m still trying to keep afloat, I have found that crocheting has better my life in many ways than none. 

With that said here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on .. 

I’ve also been working on the spare bedroom and turning it Into an office. This is the corner I will be taking photos of my work.. I hope I get that mannequin I want so badly for my birthday 😊 it will fit so perfectly!
So much that I’m trying to do and not enough time to do them all! 

Stay tuned a lot more to come!


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