Memorial Day Weekend

As the weekend comes to a close, we remember those who served our great country past and present this Memorial Day (05/29/17).

We are not only remembering those on Memorial Day but we also celebrate those who have graduated High school, College , Universities as well as going into the next grade. Its been a fun-filled week of celebrations, & accomplishments, but also remembering to bring your crochet stuff as well to partake in all the festivities!


Congradulations Graduates!

Speaking of festivities over the weekend i went down to Michael’s to check out some yarn since normally i make it a tradition to go have lunch with my boyfriend then after go down to a store and check out some yarn. Anyways while i was there i was browsing at all the yarn trying to figure out what i wanted and i knew i wanted to try something different.. And well i found it.. Behold the Lily Sugar ‘n cream yarn.

I have never tried cotton yarn before so I was very thrilled and overwhelmed by the selection. I mean you would be too if you have such a passion and love for such a complex skill. As I carefully picked out what I wanted I also noticed Sugar ‘n cream have a new scented yarn. I was like holy moly! I shall have to try that next time, I tend to get overly excited over such awesome things like this.

I picked out “Country stripes” and “Golden mist ombr”


I had a project I was working on and luckily for me I was just about done with it, all I had to do was finish the trim and double-check to make sure no flaws in the top or bottoms, Easy peasy if you ask me.


Top and bottom that is about finished.

Oh Lily Sugar ‘n cream where have you been all my life!? I have been left in the dark for so long and now you brighten up my days with your cotton goodness. I am very impressed by the way this yarn is. I have yet to run into any issues and to be honest I think I’m going to switch over to cotton, now don’t get me wrong I love working with acrylic but.. I also love trying out new things as well, gotta be open-minded that’s how these kinda things work. I have made two and a half bra cups so far and working on completing the next cup so I can have two tops to work on!


Bra cups i am working on.


Close up view of the bra cups

I am very satisfied with all of the work i have put in and I’m hoping for a wonderful outcome with the tops.. A little stuck on exactly how i want to design them aka straps and the body so I’ve been on the hunt to gather ideas and mix them into my own creation. So as i call it, it is a work in progress.

With the weekend coming to a close hope you all had a memorable fun Memorial Day!

Now time to go back to adulting.. ::sigh:: lol

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