The vision pulls you


I hope you all forgive me 😉

Lately life has been on a whole new level. last time i updated you all was the last outfit i was making.. On top of that my job cancelled all the transfers which stopped me from moving forward to full time. Well on Monday they notified me about the position and that they would like to offer it to me so i accepted it.. just like last time i am still waiting on that email. I’m hoping the best this time around and they actually go through with it otherwise i may have to resign and move forward with another company, which i have been applying to other company’s non stop just hoping on something  good to happen.        

  ::UPDATE:: Monday was my first day at the new building (PHX7..transfered from PHX8) and man oh man working four tens have been exhausting but i really like the area i am in.. which is inbound and what i do there is receive merchandise that comes in. It’s a lot of information to remember during the process but so far so good!


On another note I’ve been in the mist of creating such awesome one of a kind outfit(s) to add to my little store which by the way i cannot wait to open.. I’m sure most of you are just as excited and impatient as me lol.  So the last few weeks i have been working on an outfit for me to wear to The Circus Farm and man oh man i think i snailed it! Have a look for yourself and tell me what you think.july outfit

Took about two weeks to finished this outfit which for me is a record breaker. I love to spend as much time as I can on an outfit to make it look amazing and to be honest i didn’t rush making it either. I still would like to add more to the outfit just because the ideas i have would make it more awesomeness.

As for the “Lovely little me” outfit I’m still in the process of finishing it up.. It’s been such a project to work on. Have a look for yourself 👇🏼

 The tulle is coming out very nice on the outfit and I’m so proud of how much I have accomplished so far. Now to finish it up! Lol

Another piece I started on and finished in a two-day span is this “obedience” top half portion of the outfit.. bottom half is in the works. I’m actually experimenting with different ideas with this one just because I envision something greater 😉

This is just some of the work I have been dabbling into the last few months, and now with a new work schedule I’m trying to balance everything out with sleeping during the day and working all night… Yup my shift is 6pm-4:30am .. so I’ll get it all figured out just gotta get use to the new schedule.

Ohh and I’ve also been working on my dreads as well!​


Thank you all for reading my blog and checking out all my cool outfits! If you have any suggestions on topics for my next post, questions, concerns and all that good stuff feel free to comment or email me or stay in touch through my social media platforms 😎

Until next time I leave you all with this quote:


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