Halloween is coming! 

I can’t believe how fast this year is going by! Soon it will be December.. but before we can get into that let’s hop into Halloween first! 

Since summer is coming to a close I havent Crochet as much tops as I was in the beginning.. but don’t let that fool you, I’ve actually been crocheting a lot of  random items to showcase in my store as well as working on things that have yet to be finished.. But all is a work in progress trying not to rush it since I like everything to come out perfect. 

Halloween is right around the corner and I am super thrilled! I decided to try to expand my horizons by making cute little pumpkin hats for Bailey and Zelda (since boo boo won’t even dare to let me fit it on her..bummer) I really like how they turned out especially the cute little bow bailey is wearing (pictured below) 

She was napping and I thought this would be a perfect time to snap a cute photo of her wearing the bow. 

Bailey and Zelda both wearing pumpkin hats I made them. Lol they aren’t really a big fan of them but they at least wore them for a good minute.. 
I also made my love and I beanies for when it gets cold out! Which it’s cooling down already in Arizona! 
She didn’t mind it too much.. I promise lol.

It’s been super fun making these neat little hats for all of us. Too bad boo boo wouldn’t join in on all the fun. Tisk .. Tisk..  

I’m still making adjustments, but I’m learning as I go to ensure a perfect fit each time. 

Besides all the beanies and and pumpkin hats I’ve been dabbling along into another pattern.. Crowns! So far I have accomplished two.. one is for 3-5 years old which is the gold crown. And the other is a doll crown which is the green one. 

Videos posted below.

​  I am very proud of myself didn’t do too bad .. lots of practice is the key lol.

I’m looking forward to all the new things I’m going to make in the next few months 🙂 I’ve been enjoying myself lately since I can read patterns now! Very overwhelmed with accomplishment.. I’m sure we all feel that way when finishing up a stitch and or project.

Well I’m looking forward to all the festivities about to go down.. Hope you all are too! Pumpkin pie.. candy .. turkey all the awesome holiday goodness! Lol 

Also Be sure to check out my instagram page page Trippycrochetvibes for more photos and updates on my work. I Have a lot of things I can’t wait to share with all you! Stay tuned..

Until next time  🍂 🎃 


The vision pulls you


I hope you all forgive me 😉

Lately life has been on a whole new level. last time i updated you all was the last outfit i was making.. On top of that my job cancelled all the transfers which stopped me from moving forward to full time. Well on Monday they notified me about the position and that they would like to offer it to me so i accepted it.. just like last time i am still waiting on that email. I’m hoping the best this time around and they actually go through with it otherwise i may have to resign and move forward with another company, which i have been applying to other company’s non stop just hoping on something  good to happen.        

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Sneak Peek ..

So for the last week I took some time off to recharge my brain since i have run into a crochet block (as i like to call it) with how i want my top to look like.  Some of you may relate that it can be rough to have a moment like that at a time like this! Yikes… But with a bit of over thinking i have finally came up with an idea.. or two… or three…a dozen of them so now i am back to the grind and going with the flow.

In case you maybe wondering what pattern I may have used.. i actually didn’t use a pattern for this most of my work is based on ideas i come up with and i then make it happen and come up with amazing things like the top below..


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Memorial Day Weekend

As the weekend comes to a close, we remember those who served our great country past and present this Memorial Day (05/29/17).

We are not only remembering those on Memorial Day but we also celebrate those who have graduated High school, College , Universities as well as going into the next grade. Its been a fun-filled week of celebrations, & accomplishments, but also remembering to bring your crochet stuff as well to partake in all the festivities!


Congradulations Graduates!

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