New balance

Like everyone we all seek some sort of balance in our lives.. sometimes it takes us a bit longer to really find it and live in the moment.. I am back šŸ™‚

Since my last post In October I have been transitioning into a new job, figuring out my wants and needs, among other personal things going on in my life.

First and foremost hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long.. I needed some time to breathe and contemplate my next designs. I have created a few new designs .. tho they are not crochet items.. Say what!? Yeah I’ve been dabbling into other things but only to help with my future crochet projects.

What’s this new thing I’ve been dabbling into, you ask.? Well I finally got a sewing machine! So I’ve been learning to sew and create some unique pieces.. high wasted bikini as well as some green velvet bottoms (photos below) still a learning curve for me but I have been enjoying making outfits with my new sewing machine. I’ve sketched out a few other outfits I look forward to making real soon!

Among learning a new trait I’ve also been having some health issues as well.. been sick if not everyday every other day.. with the normal stabbing stomach pains.. tho my doctors have been running test not much of an answer as to why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling.. I did receive a phone call today from my doctor letting me know of my blood test results (3rd blood test) basically this is the second test that entails high white blood cell count .. the first test showed low platelets.. so with that said I have to go to a blood specialist to figure out what’s going on..hopefully I get more answers.. it would be nice to find the underlying cause and what we can do to resolve it.

So this has been my life lately .. crafting , working and doctor appointments.. but all in all life is good so far.. hoping to be a little more active with my blog. But if you do have any questions regarding anything please do reach out as I will do my best to answer them.

if you are interested in any of my work please do contact me via email or instagram Trippycrochetvibes .

Until next time beautiful people!


Sneak Peek ..

So for the last week I took some time off to recharge my brain since i have run into a crochet block (as i like to call it) with how i want my top to look like. Ā Some of you may relate that it can be rough to have a moment like that at a time like this! Yikes… But with a bit of over thinking i have finally came up with an idea.. or two… or three…a dozen of them so now i am back to the grind and going with the flow.

In case you maybe wondering what pattern I may have used.. i actually didn’t use a pattern for this most of my work is based on ideas i come up with and i then make it happen and come up with amazing things like the top below..


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Memorial Day Weekend

As the weekend comes to a close, we remember those who served our great country past and present this Memorial Day (05/29/17).

We are not only remembering those on Memorial Day but we also celebrate those who have graduated High school, College , Universities as well as going into the next grade. Its been a fun-filled week of celebrations, & accomplishments, but also remembering to bring your crochet stuff as well to partake in all theĀ festivities!


Congradulations Graduates!

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